My blogging passion began a few years back when I was about to undergo surgery to help manage my epilepsy. I wrote about anything and everything epilepsy so that I could bring awareness to this disease. Originally, I focused on how epilepsy has made it tough for me to live a normal life. For me, not being able to drive was the most upsetting part. I started the blog out with funny posts like Ode to Tesla and The Truth Is Out There, a post about a woman who talked to me about aliens for 2 hours straight.

My passion to spread the word about epilepsy landed me an interview with a local charity here in Colorado, Seize the World. I invite you to read my story on Seize the World’s website.

Carpe D-Watkins: Seize Your Attitude 

Joshua Bourn

Imagine – you’re 15 years old and about to walk through the magical gates of Disneyland in beautiful California. Suddenly, you feel yourself start to lose consciousness amid a large group of fellow mouseketeers. Next thing you realize is your only ride for the day will be in your parents’ car, after you’ve received an explanation from a stranger that you may have just had a seizure. Continue reading


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